The Green Man

I’ve been going through thousands of photos, trying to decide what to do with them and how to organize them.  And I noticed today that Europe is almost too good for great statues and great sculptures.  They’re at every corner it seems! And here’s one of my favorite passages from one of my favorite authors, Gene Wolfe, about statues no less, and then a couple more pictures that I felt seemed to fit … Continue reading The Green Man

The Camera

Black and heavy, the camera lies on its back, staring up at a flat and ordinary ceiling.  If this technological marvel, which is to say, this box with a hole in it, could feel and remember, then it would surely be bored right now.  What excitement in a small dusty cobweb or a doomed bug trapped in the lamplight?  The dominant shade that the camera stares upon is cream, or perhaps yellow.  It doesn’t matter. … Continue reading The Camera